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GSA & DOD Certified

  • Certified to install, service, troubleshoot, and drill open containers with Kaba Mas X-07, X-08 & X-09 locks that meet FF-L-2740 standards.
  • Repairs meet Federal Standard 809. Repairs will be certified to meet DOD 5220.22M (NISPOM) standards as well.
  • Certified inspector, (#MBAJC0116) inspection and re-certification of GSA files, safes, and vault doors.
  • Certified GSA Container Tech with the credentials to re-label containers.                                                    

GSA Containers

Many older container that may appear to be junk are actually quite useable and only need the trained eye of a certified professional. I have been authorized by GSA to inspect GSA containers and apply new "recertified” or “rejected” labels. This can save hundreds as these containers are not cheap. My training allows for the identification of containers that are compromised, yet permits the preservation of containers that are not being used due to minor flaws such as lack of a GSA label. Don't waste money, get recertified today!


  • GSA containers:X-07, X-08, X-09 Master Class
  • GSA Security Container Servicing, Opening, & Repair Certification
  • GSA Inspection & Recertification